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Alfredo Robledo


Certified Public Accountant,
A Professional Corporation

Certified Public Accountant - 1984
Certified Managerial Accountant - 1982

Located in Grapevine, Texas generally serving the Tarrant, Denton, and surrounding counties, with a number of clients from New York to the west Left coast.

Getting clients out of IRS jams is a passion of mine. I think that I can win any audit on the front end while preparing a client’s tax return. I also help clients whose tax returns were not prepared in my office. I can take the pressure off my clients and deal with IRS agents on a peer to peer level since I know what they are looking for.  

Resolving situation where the client can not pay the taxes is a key skill.  

I offer a holistic approach to all my services. The solutions are not always immediately apparent without getting to know and understand the client, their family, the strengths, and weaknesses. Some time the solution is to close the business, or to get family loans documented in case of bankruptcies looming on the horizon. In life, we cannot always win. Sometime the best we can do is structure the way that end on situation and move on.

Recently a client came to me who received a very large pay out from a Spanish employer. He feared having to pay tens of thousands of dollars in additional taxes. From having read several tax treaties with European nations, I knew that I was not given the full story. After collecting all the documentation that came with the bonus, we learned that Spanish Income Taxes had been withheld. Instead of paying additional taxes to the US, he was entitled to a $16,000 refund due to foreign tax credits.

I started working professionally at the start of the Carter Administration in 1977 as a revenue agent with the San Francisco office of the Internal Revenue Service. I had the fortunate experience of auditing clients represented by learned attorneys in the Bay Area that sharpened my research and negotiating skill.

After working for Arthur Young & Co, Occidental Petroleum, NCH Corporation, Pepsi Cola, and Nestle I was done working for the man. I opened my CPA office in 2005 and never looked back.

I attended a number of schools, Santa Rosa Junior College, University of the Americas in Pueblo Mexico before selecting the Jesuit School, University of San Francisco to finish my business and economic studies in 1979. God blessed me with two daughters and a great woman that is now an ex-wife and forever friend.

Playing the saxophone and photography have been long time hobbies.  I loved playing the Baritone sax in a local swing and jazz band.